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If you suffer from hair loss or thinning, dandruff, excessive scalp itch and oily hair, you're not alone. Most people experience some degree of one or all of them. Don't self-diagnose your own hair and scalp problems. ScalpCheck® will reveal the true reason and help maintain current hair, prevent further hair loss and/or correct scalp problem.
Hair Solution Consultation
This one hour consultation will help us better understand your stage of hair loss and recommend a custom, non-surgical hair solution designed to give you back the hair that has been lost or that has thinned beyond your comfort level. Our solutions are not a one size fits all, but rather made from specific measurements of your head and based on your specific type, area and amount of hair loss.
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If you are unsure of which type of appointment would be best for your hair or scalp needs we can help. Just answer a few questions and we will help guide you to the solution that is best for you.
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